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Words of wisdom [x]


Words of wisdom [x]
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I keep reblogging these but I need to say how perfect it is that Tyler said this in response to my tweet. He doesn’t know me at all and it literally is something I need to be told or remind myself of everyday. I tend to not speak up or share my ideas and I know I need to work on it, and now whenever I think that way I can look back at a gif set or Tyler’s video and remind myself to share ideas even if I think they aren’t any good because even if it’s not a possibility or stupid it could lead to a new idea. I can tell myself to do something all I want but someone else telling me is always better. Now I have a wonderful comeback to those who say I tweet too much and an even better pep talk.  Thank you tyleroakley for this as cheesy as this sounds but it’s a little mind boggling how perfect that was for me.



I’m glad you made this because I love what he is saying and it’s my tweet he is  responding to there.


He is literally talking to me in the middle one on the left.

What is my life

i wanna do a thing where anybody in the tyler fandom reblogs this and then i’ll write down all of the urls and put it in a jar.


so reblog this.


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